Dental Bonding

Dental bonding or composite bonding is a safe, quick and simple procedure performed in the hands of a prosthodontic dental specialist whose primary focus and education deals with the aesthetic and function of your smile.  We use a special lifelike composite material, paying careful attention to the color and appearance of your natural teeth, to reshape misaligned, injured or decayed teeth.  Dental Bonding requires little advanced tooth preparation and usually no enamel reduction as opposed to dental veneers which requires a reduction in the natural tooth surface.

Dr. David Zelby will begin by slightly roughening the tooth surface.  A composite bonding material is applied to the prepared tooth surface , carefully shaping and sculpting the bonding material to produce a natural look.  The bonding material will be hardened using a special light.  After the newly reshaped tooth is trimmed and polished, it’s time for us to hand you the mirror!  You’ll be amazed!


Problems Bonding Can Correct

  • Unsightly Dental Cavities

    We effectively remove all decay and place a natural, custom composite bonding; removing all unsightly decay.
  • Chipped Teeth

    We custom design and match your natural tooth in order to correct a chipped or cracked tooth. You'll never know it's not the real thing!
  • Stained Teeth

    A composite bonding may be the simple solution to conceal permanently stained or discolored teeth.
  • Gaps, Widely-Spaced Teeth

    Composite dental bonding can effectively give you a total new look. Concealing crowded, short or widely-spaced teeth.

Composite Dental Bonding

Performed in a simple one office procedure composite bondings can quickly and effectively cover chips and uneven tooth surfaces. Call us Today to see if you are a candidate for dental bonding.