Our Dental Team

Meet Our Caring and Compassionate Dental Team

Elizabeth Parker, B.S., RDH holds a B.S. in Chemistry  from Indiana University, graduating in 2007.  In 2009 she received an A.S. in Dental Hygiene from Indiana University/Perdue. Beth has led the dental hygiene team at Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta for three years. Our dental team encourages group participation and Beth has motivated each of her co-workers. Beth’s warm personality and thorough examinations have endured her to our patients.  You’ll be impressed with the difference she brings to your dental hygiene experience.  Continuing education is one of the hallmarks of  her career and continues her dedication and passion for her profession.  Our patients are assured not only of a through examination, digital X-rays, fluoride treatments, and the latest in technology, Beth’s makes sure your every comfort is provided.  Need a little help with choosing the right toothpaste, or brushing habits?  Our dental hygienists take the time to answer all of your questions and provide advice and answers based on your oral health.  Your visits for your  regularly scheduled cleanings will become pleasured visits with friends and you’ll leave feeling confident and knowledgable about your oral hygiene.

Meet Aggie Furman, she began her career in dental assisting in 1998 and we're proud to say Aggie joined the team at Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta in August 2009. We have a saying around here, "when Aggie walks into the room it fills with light." She brings a passion for people and a love of dentistry to all of her patients. Dr. Zelby continues to be amazed at the quality of work and dedication she brings to our office. And that's not all, Aggie is the mother of three young boys and brings loads of laughter when recounting their experiences. Our patients feel secure and confident when under her care. Her comforting nature makes even those unpleasant dental procedures a breeze.

Carmen Hayes is originally from Jackson, Mississippi and received a B.S. in Computer Technology from Jackson State University in 2005. When you come to our office you'll always receive a warm welcome from Carmen and her smile has became a familiar asset to Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta. A very detailed and organized individual, Carmen excels in all the details of filing your insurance and maximizing those benefits. We would like all of our patients to not only feel comfortable about their dental procedures but, to be able to relax and not worry about the payment procedures. Carmen takes care of all the details! Need a financing plan? Carmen assist and explains all of your available options. In short, Carmen makes sure there are no surprises when it's time to check out. In her spare time you'll find her busy enjoying Muffin, her little yorkie! If you have a question about billing, need information about a payment procedure, insurance or just to inquire about cost, please give Carmen a call.

The first person you greet when entering our office should always be the one with the biggest smile and Susan is a star smiler. Treatment care coordinator, appointment scheduling and marketing are all in her job description. A real "people person," Susan brings enthusiasm and encouragement to all of our patients. Need to know a hockey score? or how about the UT fall football schedule? Whether snow boarding, water skiing or car racing; her extracurricular activities are a topic of interest with all of our patients. An art history major at University of Tennessee, Susan moved to Atlanta in 2006 and began a career working with people. That experience and all of her various interest all contribute to making her a star with patients and competent in making sure your visit goes as desired. When you arrive, Susan checks to make sure all of your records are up-to-date, your comfortable and seen by the doctor as quickly and timely as possible.

Anyone who visits our office knows, we're a stickler for cleanliness. Our office prides itself on being above OSHA standards. In 2010 when we built our new office, one of the paramount improvements was to incorporate a top notch laboratory and sterilization department. We have the latest sterilization technology available for dental laboratories. The one thing missing, a real clinician experienced in lab procedures, codes, and sterilization. That dream was answered in 2011 when Zach joined the team. Receiving a B.S. in Biology from Georgia Tech, Zach Hersey joined our dental team immediately upon graduation. Zach plans to continue his career in the field of dentistry but, presently all of our patients enjoy his expertise and knowledge. Our patients can be assured, when you're at our office, you'll find it's not only clean and minimal but, all the things you "can't see," have been properly sterilized and prepared according to OSHA standards.