Sedation Dentistry – Dr. David Zelby Answers Questions

Sedation Dentistry
Atlanta Dentist Answer Questions – Sedation Dentistry In our last post we discussed how licensed doctors of conscious sedation are helping patients suffering from dental fear and anxiety receive the care they need in a secure, comfortable environment. By ingesting a dose of anti
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Sedation Dentistry – Atlanta Dentist Answers Your Questions

Patient with Dental Anxiety or Dental Fear
Sedation Dentistry – The Facts and Answers The American Dental Association reports that anywhere from 30 million to 40 million Americans suffer from dental fear or dental anxiety so severe that it prevents them from seeking regular dental care. Unfortunately, avoiding checkups a
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Afraid of the Dentist? Solutions for Dental Anxiety in Atlanta

Sedation Dentistry Explained It’s perfectly normal to feel a little nervous about visiting the dentist. Many patients experience that familiar “butterflies in the stomach” sensation as they walk in to their appointment. The key difference between a run-of-the-mill case of nerves and t
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